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New product added Xmeal

New product added Xmeal

COD Xmeal Nationwide and free delivery.

cod xmeal

NEVER NOT WORKING OUT! Yup that's me! I am a proud Fitness Junkie and I love everything that can keep me healthy and stay fit.
But because of my busy schedule as a working and full time stay at home mom, I tend to use food as my source of comfort. Totoo naman talaga na kapag stressed ang isang tao, mas madalas ang cheat days!
That's why I keep a balanced diet by having Xmeal once a day. This is the perfect meal replacement for me, because it doesn't harm my body and IT'S SAFE FOR BREASTFEEDING MOMS like me! Yayyy!
✅ Low Calories
✅ Non-Dairy
✅ Made with Stevia as sweetener
✅ Boosts immunity
✅ Easy to prepare
✅ Helps aid weight loss
✅ Promotes Digestive Health
✅ Good Source of Fiber
✅ Lowers cholesterol level
✅ Prevents Bloating
✅ Helps boost heart health
✅ Boosts brain function
✅ FDA Approved & Halal Certified



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