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What is Tocoma?
Tocoma, short for Total Colon Management, is a natural food supplement that aids in flushing out congested waste in your system. Made from fruits and vegetables, this natural-based fiber supplement promotes healthy colon function to improve digestion and overall health.

Why is Colon Health Important?
Tocoma is formulated to improve colon health as it is one of the vital organs in the digestive system.

But, why is colon health so important anyway?
The colon has 4 main functions: 1) reabsorbs fluid and maintains water balance, 2) absorbs nutrients the
small intestine did not absorb, 3) aids in intestinal flora fermentation, and 4) processes waste.

These functions maintain not only the health of the gut but of the entire body as well. Balancing water in our system is crucial since it prevents dehydration and aids in the distribution of nutrients. Absorbing leftover nutrients ensure that the body has sufficient vitamins and minerals to function properly. Last but not the least; proper waste management maintains an illness-free constitution – a healthy gut leads to a healthy body. With the help of Tocoma, the colon can maintain all these functions and also prevent the re-absorption of harmful toxins by encouraging regular waste disposal.

What are the Ingredients of Tocoma?

Tocoma juice is made up of fruits and vegetables, paired up with probiotics, to ensure safe and natural colon cleansing.

Here is what’s inside every pouch of Tocoma Juice:
1. Lemon
A well-known antioxidant that is also used for its anti-bacterial properties, lemon is one of the main ingredients of Tocoma juice. It aids digestion and is also helpful in improving kidney health. Its vitamin C content helps improve skin health and its antioxidant properties is helpful in reducing free radicals in the body.
2. Guava
Known for its antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties, guava is another powerful ingredient that helps in digestion and in preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes heart disease and infections bacteria and viruses. This wonder fruit is also known for aiding in healthy bowel movements and reducing stress. Guava is also known for aiding in weight loss, a great by- product of colon cleansing.
3. Apple
Apple is known for its numerous health benefits, making it a great addition to Tocoma juice. It helps in preventing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It also helps fight asthma and is good for increasing probiotics in the digestive system. Maintaining a healthy weight is also one of its benefits.
4. Cabbage
Cabbage is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It also improves heart health, preventing heart diseases. Cabbage is also known for helping with lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Its vitamin C content helps boost immunity and it helps prevent cancer as well. This low-calories and low-saturated fat veggie is also great weight loss super food.
5. Kiwi
Kiwi may not be known for being a super food but it actually has a ton of benefits. It manages blood pressure, improves immune system, aids in digestion and fighter asthma. Kiwi is also helpful in digestion and may even be helpful in fighting off cancer. This low-calorie and high- fiber fruit may e small but is sure packs a punch when it comes to health benefits.
6. Wheat Fiber and Oat Bran
These two super grains are helpful in improving gut health. These also help in maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels, aiding in digestion, and relieving constipation, making them a great choice for improving overall health.

7. Oil Palm Powder
Lignin found on oil palm powder is great in preventing constipation and improving digestion. This fiber-rich ingredient is great not only for colon cleansing but also for weight loss. Is Tocoma Safe to Drink?
Since Tocoma is a natural-based food supplement, it does not pose harmful side effects. Just like any other colon cleansing supplement, it can increase bowel activity, which can get rid of intestinal flora (good bacteria). But since Tocoma juice contains probiotics, the flushed out good bacteria will be
replaced immediately after taking Tocoma juice. Tocoma is not a laxative; hence, the increased bowel activity would not cause discomfort. It will just aid
in bowel movement, preventing constipation and re-absorption of harmful toxins. Even kids 7 years old and up can take Tocoma juice!

How to Take Tocoma Juice?
Preparation and intake of Tocoma juice is pretty simple. You just have to:
*Mix the contents of Tocoma juice sachet in a plastic tumbler with 150ml of plain water, shake and enjoy. Safe to be taken daily!

Tips to Enjoy More Benefits from Tocoma Juice:
* It is best to drink Tocoma juice at night, 30 minutes before meal.
* Plain water is best for Tocoma juice (not hot or cold) to keep the enzymes in the mixture alive.

Where to Buy Tocoma Juice?
Tocoma Juice is available Nationwide!
Place your orders thru JCVCart.com to enjoy Free Shipping and Cash on Delivery!
We ship anywhere in the Philippines, whether you are from Luzon, Visayas or Mindanaw; Cebu, Manila or Davao!


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